Lecture 2 - Cell organization function and communication

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Unformatted text preview: Adhere cells to each other and to the ECM –  Anchoring Junc2ons –  Tight Junc2ons –  Gap Junc2on –  In plants cellular organiza2on is different because of the rigid cell wall (focusing in animal cells) 44 Anchoring junc2ons •  Hold adjacent cells together and cells to the ECM •  Depend on cell adhesion molecules •  Mechanically strong •  Sub ­categoriza2on: –  Adherens juncDons –  Desmosomes –  Hemidesmosomes –  Focal adhesions 45 Anchoring junc2ons 46 Proteins in anchoring junc2ons – Cadherins Adherens junc2ons •  Ca2+ dependent •  Create cell ­to ­cell junc2on (Adherens junc2ons) •  Extracellular domain connects two cell by the binding of two cadherins (one from each cell) •  Inside the cell, linker protein connect adherins to the cytokesleton •  Homophilic binding, only cells with same cadherins...
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