Lecture 2 - Cell organization function and communication

Generates pigmenta2on in humans mc1r msh preb pomc

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Unformatted text preview: i received 8 Autocrine signaling •  When the cell talks to itself (Signaling and Responding cells are the same) •  The cell releases a signaling molecules that binds to a receptor in the same cell 9 Example of Autocrine signaling •  In the skin, melanocytes generates basal pigmenta2on •  The pigmenta2on pathway is controlled by the released of a small pep2de called alpha ­MSH •  Melanocytes have a receptor (MC1R) that is ac2vated by alpha ­MSH to produce a signal transduc2on that generates pigmenta2on in humans MC1R !-MSH pREB POMC MEL "cAMP Pigmentation pathway Melanocyte – Skin cell 10 Paracrine Signaling •  Cells that talks to its neighbors •  The signaling molecule is released into the extracellular region and ac2vates a cell in close proximity (up to 20 cell diameters) 11 Example of Paracrine Signaling •  Neurotransmi^ers are released from a neuron to ac2vate an adjacent neuron •  The adjacent neuron have receptors in the extracellular membrane that recognize the ligands (e.g. acetylcholine or glutamine receptors) 12 Endocrine Signaling •  Long distance ac2ng •  The signaling molecules are released into a media that travels along the body and acts on a cell that is not in close proximity •  The cells that respond to the s2mu...
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