Lecture 2 - Cell organization function and communication

Of the signaling cell in order for the receptor in

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Unformatted text preview: li will have the appropriate receptors in the extracellular membrane 13 Example of Endocrine Signaling •  Cor2sol is a steroid hormone released in response to stress •  Cor2costeroids like cor2sol are generated in the adrenal gland •  The anterior pituitary gland in the Central Nervous system (CNS) releases a small pep2de (ACTH) into the blood stream which ac2vates cells in the adrenal gland in order to produce cor2sol •  The CNS controls the levels of cor2sol in the blood by controlling the amount of ACTH released Cor2sol ACTH 14 Juxtacrine Signaling •  Cells need to be in direct physical contact in order to send the signal •  This occurs when the signaling molecule is a^ached to the membrane of the signaling cell •  In order for the receptor in the responding cell to be ac2vated, both cells need to come into close proximity 15 Example of Juxtacrine signaling •  Notch signaling in development (review from E1a) 16 How cells react to extracellular s2muli? 17 How cells react to extracellular s2muli?...
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