Lecture 6 - Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems

Outline any environmental adapta7on on a specic

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Unformatted text preview: e animal circulatory system with an emphasis on evolu7onary advantages for different animals’ circulatory systems •  Compare and contrast different animals’ circulatory systems. –  Outline any environmental adapta7on on a specific animal’s circulatory system covered in class. –  Given a new organism’s environmental characteris7cs, propose the most likely respiratory system this one has. •  Describe the different compartments of the human heart and how the heart func7ons. •  Explain how the surface area changes throughout the circulatory system valves and its advantages –  Outline any evolu7onary advantages that helps with blood flow. •  Describe the func7on of pacemaker cells and how they work to generate ac7on poten7al. •  Outline blood’s composi7on and func7on. 3 Gas exchange in animals •  How do animals evolve to obtain the adequate amount of O2 and eliminate CO2? –  Cells need O2 to produce ATP by cellular respira7on –  CO2 is an end product of cellular respira7on that must be eliminated –  Diffusion exchange can happen only over short distances; therefore organs inside the body cannot exchange by diffusion within this environment 4 Diffusion •  Diffusion is driven by concentra7on differences •  The amoun...
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