Lecture 6 - Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems

Diastole as heart contracts systole blood gets pushed

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Unformatted text preview: they are needed –  Supports increased levels of metabolic ac7vity 32 Single circuit  ­ Fish •  Fish •  Blood is pumped from the heart to the gills and then to the different 7ssues and then back to the heart •  Two heart chamber –  Atrium: receives the blood –  Ventricle: pumps the blood –  Most blood pressure is lost at gill capillaries •  Blue – Deoxygenated blood •  Red  ­ Oxygenated blood 33 Fish and evolu7on •  Lungfish lives in a place with low O2 content •  Evolu7on – out ­pocke7ng of gut serves as lung –  Gill arteries have been modified to bring blood to the lung –  New vessel brings oxygenated blood to the heart –  Direct supply of blood to 7ssue •  Vessels directly connected to the dorsa aorta •  Blue – Deoxygenated blood •  Red  ­ Oxygenated blood 34 Amphibians circulatory system •  Par7al separa7on of respiratory and circulatory systems •  Three ­chambered heart –  Heart received blood from two atria into ventricle •  Deoxygenated from 7ssue; Oxygenated from lungs •  Blood par7ally mixed at ventricle •  Blood goes directly from heart to aorta –  (higher pressure) •  Blue – Deoxygenated blood •  Red  ­ Oxygenated blood •  Pink – Mixed blood...
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