Lecture 7 - Nutrition and the digestion system

Inhibited if ph lowers below 3 gastrin smulates the

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Unformatted text preview: age •  Associated with high risk of cardiovascular problems –  Very ­low density lipoproteins (VDLs) •  Contain mostly triglyceride fats •  Very bad, Associated with high risk of cardiovascular diseases and fat deposita,on 57 Regula,on of diges,on  ­ fats •  Hypercholesterolemia –  High levels of cholesterol in the blood –  Cholesterol is transported through the blood associated with proteins –  High levels of LDLs and VDLs are associated with high risk of atherosclerosis and coronary hear disease –  Elevated levels of HDLs are protec,ve 58 Liver •  Liver –  Synthesizes bile salts from cholesterol and secretes them as bile –  Bile travels from the liver to the stomach through the hepa,c duct (stored in the gallbladder) –  Bile contains bicarbonate ions (neutralize acids), bile salts (solubilize fat) –  Fat entering the duodenum s,mulates cells to release cholecystokinin (CCK). This s,mulates the gallbladder to contract and release bile to the duodenum 59 Liver •  Liver –  Absorbed nutrients go to the liver •  Glucose, fructose and sucrose are used to synthesize glycogen •  Chylomicrons are stored as triglycerides or used to make lipoproteins 60 Pancreas •  Pancreas –  Produce enzyme (lipases, amylases, proteases and nucleases) that are released as zymogen to stomach •...
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