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James Anders 9/6/07 Geography 101 Exercise 4: Use of GIS There is a need for a new dorm on Ole Miss’s campus. The University hires an engineer to figure out how much dorm space is needed and how to build the new dorm quickly and economically to accommodate incoming students. -Population -Utilities -Soils and Geology -Cost Per Unit (Dorm, Shower, ect.) -Availability of Materials -Position (Location on Campus) The engineer would need to know the projected population for the coming years, the population overflow, and the population density to make a good estimate on how many dorm rooms would be needed. Population maps of the campus would be needed. He would also need to know the cost of utilities and the availability of such utilities and the materials to deliver them. GIS maps of average cost of utilities for University, MS would be useful.
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Unformatted text preview: He would also need to know if the soil and the bed rock on the allotted portion of land would hold up under the stress of such a heavy structure. GIS land maps would come in handy here. Total cost per floor and per room would also be something the engineer would need to know to keep the design economically sound. The availability of the materials needed and how cost efficient they are would also be needed. GIS maps of natural resource distribution would help. And finally the engineer would need to know if the design would make the dorm easily accessible from the rest of campus and if there was enough room to include a parking lot and other infrastructure. GIS area maps would come in handy here....
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