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exercise 15 - created and left a good bit of Islamic...

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Brad Anders 11/13/07 Geo 101: Section 1 Exercise 15: Kosovo Kosovo has been a highly contested section of land for many hundreds of years. The people there have a distinct culture that has been influenced by the many empires that have controlled the area. Today, it is included inside the country of Serbia and since 1999 has been fighting to get complete independence. After World War Two, the Allied powers created the country of Yugoslavia that included Serbia and Kosovo along with other now independent countries in the area. The country was a loose confederation of these smaller factions until 1991 when the country split into a few different states. However, Kosovo was not granted independence and was still grouped with Serbia. Before World War Two, Kosovo has been included in the Ottoman Empire who
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Unformatted text preview: created and left a good bit of Islamic influence in the area. This was a big contrast from the Orthodox Church that was seen strongly through the many cathedrals throughout the country. Kosovo was at one time a part of the Serbian Empire, the Byzantine Empire, and the Roman Empire. All of these influences created a very unique people, economy, political system, and religious system. There is no way that anyone can expect two completely different cultures to not be in conflict when they are put in the same country, under the same laws, and under the same social structure. The good news is that the Allied powers did not make a new mistake when they drew the lines to put Kosovo inside of Yugoslavia. The fighting will not stop until Kosovo has its independence from Slovakia....
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exercise 15 - created and left a good bit of Islamic...

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