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2 normative references no normative references are

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Unformatted text preview: and wishing to demonstrate this to others, such conformity being confirmed either by means of self-evaluation and self-declaration of conformity, or by certification of the energy management system by an external organization. This International Standard also provides, in Annex A, informative guidance on its use. 2 Normative references No normative references are cited. This clause is included in order to retain clause numbering identical with other ISO management system standards. 3 Terms and definitions For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply. 3.1 boundaries physical or site limits and/or organizational limits as defined by the organization EXAMPLE organization. A process; a group of processes; a site; an entire organization; multiple sites under the control of an 3.2 continual improvement recurring process which results in enhancement of energy performance and the energy management system © ISO 2011 – All rights reserved User license: Lego System A/S 1 DS/EN ISO 50001:2011 COPYRIGHT Danish Standards. NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE OR REPRODUCTION. DS/EN ISO 50001:2011 Energiledelsessystemer – Krav og vejledning 1 Anvendelsesområde Denne internationale stan...
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