4 user license lego system as iso 2011 all rights

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Unformatted text preview: . NOTE 3 Adapted from ISO 9000:2005, definition 3.4.5. 3.25 record document stating results achieved or providing evidence of activities performed NOTE 1 Records can be used, for example, to document traceability and to provide evidence of verification, preventive action and corrective action. NOTE 2 Adapted from ISO 9000:2005, definition 3.7.6. 3.26 scope extent of activities, facilities and decisions that the organization addresses through an EnMS, which can include several boundaries NOTE The scope can include energy related to transport. 4 User license: Lego System A/S © ISO 2011 – All rights reserved DS/EN ISO 50001:2011 3.19 interessent enkeltperson eller gruppe, der interesserer sig for eller er påvirket af virksomhedens energipræstation COPYRIGHT Danish Standards. NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE OR REPRODUCTION. DS/EN ISO 50001:2011 3.20 intern audit systematisk, uafhængig og dokumenteret proces for at tilvejebringe vidnesbyrd og evaluere dette objektivt for at bestemme, i hvilket o...
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