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Unformatted text preview: 1 Top management controls the organization defined within the scope and boundaries of the energy management system. NOTE 2 4 Adapted from ISO 9000:2005, definition 3.2.7. Energy management system requirements 4.1 General requirements The organization shall: a) establish, document, implement, maintain and improve an EnMS in accordance with the requirements of this International Standard; b) define and document the scope and boundaries of its EnMS; c) determine how it will meet the requirements of this International Standard in order to achieve continual improvement of its energy performance and of its EnMS. 4.2 Management responsibility 4.2.1 Top management Top management shall demonstrate its commitment to support the EnMS and to continually improve its effectiveness by: a) defining, establishing, implementing and maintaining an energy policy; b) appointing a management representative and approving the formation of an energy management team; c) providing the resources needed to establish, implement, maintain and improv...
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