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Unformatted text preview: pect to energy use and consumption, of their activities and how their activities and behaviour contribute to the achievement of energy objectives and targets, and the potential consequences of departure from specified procedures. 4.5.3 Communication The organization shall communicate internally with regard to its energy performance and EnMS, as appropriate to the size of the organization. The organization shall establish and implement a process by which any person working for, or on behalf of, the organization can make comments or suggest improvements to the EnMS. The organization shall decide whether to communicate externally about its energy policy, EnMS and energy performance, and shall document its decision. If the decision is to communicate externally, the organization shall establish and implement a method for this external communication. 4.5.4 Documentation Documentation requirements The organization shall establish, implement and maintain information, in paper, electronic or any other medium, to describe the core elements of the EnMS and their interaction. The EnMS documentation shall include: a) the scope and boundaries of the EnMS; b) the energy policy; c) the energy objectives, targets, and action plans; d) the documents, including records, required by this International Standard; e) other documents determined by the organization to be necessary. NOTE The degree of documentation can vary for different organizations for the following reasons: the scale...
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