A46 energy objectives energy targets and energy

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Unformatted text preview: formance. Audit outputs typically include information on current consumption and performance, and they can be accompanied by a series of ranked recommendations for improvement in terms of energy performance. Energy audits are planned and conducted as part of the identification and prioritization of opportunities to improve energy performance. A.4.4 Energy baseline A suitable data period means the organization accounts for regulatory requirements or variables that affect the energy use and consumption. Variables can include weather, seasons, business activity cycles and other conditions. The energy baseline is maintained and recorded as a means for the organization to determine the records maintenance period. The adjustments to the baseline are also considered maintenance and the requirements are defined in this International Standard. A.4.5 Energy performance indicators EnPIs can be a simple parameter, a simple ratio or a complex model. Examples of EnPIs can include energy consumption per time, energy consumption per unit of production, and multi-variable models. The organization can choose EnPIs that inform the energy performance of their operation and can update the EnPIs whe...
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