An enms enables an organization to achieve its policy

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Unformatted text preview: implement an energy policy, and establish objectives, targets, and action plans which take into account legal requirements and information related to significant energy use. An EnMS enables an organization to achieve its policy commitments, take action as needed to improve its energy performance and demonstrate the conformity of the system to the requirements of this International Standard. This International Standard applies to the activities under the control of the organization, and application of this International Standard can be tailored to fit the specific requirements of the organization, including the complexity of the system, degree of documentation, and resources. This International Standard is based on the Plan - Do - Check - Act (PDCA) continual improvement framework and incorporates energy management into everyday organizational practices, as illustrated in Figure 1. NOTE In the context of energy management, the PDCA approach can be outlined as follows: Plan: conduct the energy review and establish the baseline, energy performance indicators (EnPIs), objectives, targets and action plans necessary to deliver results that will improve energy performance in accordance with the organization's energy policy; Do: implement the energy management action plans; Check: monitor and measure processes and the key characteristics of operations that determi...
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