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Unformatted text preview: baseline(s) using the information in the initial energy review, considering a data period suitable to the organization's energy use and consumption. Changes in energy performance shall be measured against the energy baseline(s). Adjustments to the baseline(s) shall be made in the case of one or more of the following: EnPIs no longer reflect organizational energy use and consumption, or © ISO 2011 – All rights reserved User license: Lego System A/S 7 DS/EN ISO 50001:2011 Energiplanlægning skal omfatte en gennemgang af de aktiviteter i virksomheden, der kan påvirke energipræstationen. NOTE 1 – Figur A.2 er et begrebsdiagram, der illustrerer energiplanlægning. COPYRIGHT Danish Standards. NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE OR REPRODUCTION. DS/EN ISO 50001:2011 NOTE 2 – I andre regionale eller nationale standarder er begreber som identificering og gennemgang af energiforhold eller begrebet energiprofil en del af begrebet energigennemgang. 4.4.2 Lovmæssige krav og andre krav Virksomheden skal...
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