Energy audits are planned and conducted as part of

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Unformatted text preview: frivillige programmer o.a. 16 (da) User license: Lego System A/S ISO 50001:2011(E) A.4.3 Energy review The process of identification and evaluation of energy use should lead the organization to define areas of significant energy use and identify opportunities for improving energy performance. COPYRIGHT Danish Standards. NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE OR REPRODUCTION. DS/EN ISO 50001:2011 Examples of personnel working on behalf of the organization include service contractors, part-time personnel and temporary staff. Potential sources of energy can include conventional sources that have not been previously used by an organization. Alternative energy sources can include fossil or non-fossil fuels. Updating the energy review means updating the information related to the analysis, determination of significance and determination of improving energy performance opportunities. An energy audit or assessment comprises a detailed review of the energy performance of an organization, of a process, or both. It is typically based on appropriate measurement and observation of actual energy per...
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