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Unformatted text preview: improvement process are determined by the organization. The organization can take into account economic and other considerations when determining the rate, extent and timescale of the continual improvement process. The concept of scope and boundaries allows flexibility to the organization to define what is included within the EnMS. The concept of energy performance includes energy use, energy efficiency and energy consumption. Thus the organization can choose from a wide range of energy performance activities. For example, the organization could reduce peak demand, utilize surplus or waste energy or improve the operations of its systems, processes or equipment. Figure A.1 provides an illustrative conceptual representation of energy performance. Energy Use Energy Intensity Energy Performance Energy Efficiency Energy Consumption Other Figure A.1 — Conceptual representation of energy performance 14 User license: Lego System A/S © ISO 2011 – All rights reserved DS/EN ISO 50001:2011 Anneks A (informativt) COPYRIGHT Danish Standards. NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE OR REPRODUCTION. DS/EN ISO 50001...
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