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Note 2 an energy baseline can be normalized using

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Unformatted text preview: can be purchased, stored, treated, used in equipment or in a process, or recovered. NOTE 2 Energy can be defined as the capacity of a system to produce external activity or perform work. 3.6 energy baseline quantitative reference(s) providing a basis for comparison of energy performance NOTE 1 An energy baseline reflects a specified period of time. NOTE 2 An energy baseline can be normalized using variables which affect energy use and/or consumption, e.g. production level, degree days (outdoor temperature), etc. NOTE 3 The energy baseline is also used for calculation of energy savings, as a reference before and after implementation of energy performance improvement actions. 3.7 energy consumption quantity of energy applied 3.8 energy efficiency ratio or other quantitative relationship between an output of performance, service, goods or energy, and an input of energy EXAMPLE Conversion efficiency; energy required/energy used; output/input; theoretical energy used to operate/energy used to operate. NOTE Both input and output need to be clearly specified in quantity and quality, and be measurable. 3.9 energy management system E...
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