The organization shall establish and implement the

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Unformatted text preview: performance in determining how it will react to these situations. 4.5.6 Design The organization shall consider energy performance improvement opportunities and operational control in the design of new, modified and renovated facilities, equipment, systems and processes that can have a significant impact on its energy performance. The results of the energy performance evaluation shall be incorporated where appropriate into the specification, design and procurement activities of the relevant project(s). The results of the design activity shall be recorded. 4.5.7 Procurement of energy services, products, equipment and energy W hen procuring energy services, products and equipment that have, or can have, an impact on significant energy use, the organization shall inform suppliers that procurement is partly evaluated on the basis of energy performance. The organization shall establish and implement the criteria for assessing energy use, consumption and efficiency over the planned or expected operating lifetime when procuring energy using products, equipment and services which are expected to have a significant impact on the organization's energy performance. The organization shall define and document energy purchasing specifications, as applicable, for effective...
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