The policy may be a brief statement that members of

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Unformatted text preview: can include energy management considerations such as energy source, energy performance, and energy performance improvements in the planning activities. A.2.2 Management representative The management representative may be a current, new or contracted organization employee. The responsibilities of the management representative may represent all or part of the job function. Skills and competencies can be determined as to an organization's size, culture and complexity, or to legal requirements or other requirements. The energy management team ensures delivery of energy performance improvements. The size of the team is determined by the complexity of the organization: for small organizations, it can be one person, such as the management representative; for larger organizations, a cross-functional team provides an effective mechanism to engage different parts of the organization in the planning and implementation of the EnMS. A.3 Energy policy The energy policy is the driver for implementing and improving an organization's EnMS and energy performance within its scope and boundaries. The policy may be a brief statement that members of the organization can readily understand and apply to their work activities. The energy policy dissemination can be used as...
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