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Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

control led by operations in consultation with

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Unformatted text preview: : Led by Operations, in consultation with Facilities, this stage must incorporate the culture of the work cell and documentation should include all participants in the process to create ownership and a sense of accomplishment. Moreover, each stage of the process involved employees at different levels and job functions within the respective department. At Raytheon, each DMAIC process involved senior managers from both Facilities and Operations, process engineers, cell leaders, front line operators, electricians, and electrical engineers, occasionally from multiple shifts. The process thus engendered cross-functional communication, and occasionally resulted in discovering other improvement opportunities, as was the case with the MTSA machine and the broken card slots. Finally, the fact that the DMAIC approach is a well known operations management process likely affords the ability to easily integrate process energy usage into existing continuous improvement programs at most manufacturing facilities, and ensures that operations personnel are familiar with the process, especially if the ultimate goal (energy management) is something that may be new to them. Optimal c...
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