Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

and process venting fans for a complete list of

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Unformatted text preview: For a complete list of equipment measured, see Appendix B. Analyze As stated previously, it was impossible to measure the electricity use from the thousands of pieces of equipment in CCA in the time frame of the project. Thus, for some categories, one or more SME designated pieces of equipment were used for measurement sampling. These measurements of electricity use were then combined with equipment operational records (where possible) and SME knowledge to get a reasonable projection of electricity use for the entire category. The process was repeated for each category of equipment. While this analysis methodology certainly resulted in some degree of estimation error, it in fact produced a reasonable model for the electricity usage of CCA. The model can be described as: M ECCA = (NiPiTiKi, (5.1) where i indexes the M categories of equipment in CCA, Ni is the number of pieces of equipment in the ith category, Pi is the average power draw of a piece of equipment in the ith category during a "run" (in kilowatts), Ti, is the average length of a "run" (in hours), and Ki is the average number of "runs" on equipment in the ith category in a given week. A...
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