Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

1 additional cca tier two dmaic projects estimated

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Unformatted text preview: 0 Pending Pending Pending Table C.1: Additional CCA Tier Two DMAIC projects. Estimated yearly savings are calculated based on 50 work weeks a year, average equipment use, energy usage measurements taken during the study, and a $0.135/kWh blended electricity rate. An (*) indicates projects described in further detail in Chapter 5. Appendix D MTSA Process Simulation Figure D-1 shows the conceptual map for the MTSA process recreated in ProModel Silver, a discrete event simulator. The level of variation in the system (especially the variability of capacity) made it difficult to produce estimates analytically, so a simulation approach was used instead. This model is highly conceptual, and simulation is meant not to exactly replicate the actual process, but instead to give some guidance into the effect of various policy changes around the operation of the MTSA equipment. The fixed parameters of the simulation model are described in Table D.1. While it is Figure D-1: Conceptual process diagram for car...
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