Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

2 days and 404 days for block 1 block 2 and block 3

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Unformatted text preview: d of 1 day, 3.2 days, and 40.4 days for Block 1, Block 2 and Block 3 respectively. As stated before, while this simulation process relied on many simplifying assumptions, it produced reasonable results which were later verified during actual implementation. .. . ......... . . ---. . ......... I .......... . -- l- ........... - =- I- Tk- Pkd- Bfth Q- - - - -- -- Ceftmb (A". UPS) CI L- 95% 4 CI 45D (a) Block 1 queue size -.. k.. 95% . ,.. Cl . -.. I- 9SC. .j (b) Block 2 queue size - .... - 9e.. "%CL. - . "i .- x93% a l (c) Block 3 queue size Figure D-2: Estimated queue size for MTSA machine over time based on simulation. The red line is the average over 10 replications, the green line is the high 95% confidence limit and the blue line is the low 95% confidence limit. Data points are for each week in the simulation. Appendix E Verification of Linear Model for Energy Savings Sample data for 13 oven models of varying sizes similar to those seen in Raytheon were taken from the specification sheet of the Grieve website[54], and the data is summarized in Table E.1. U...
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