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Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

291 l barroso and u holzle the case for energy

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Unformatted text preview: (3), 3 (2010). [28] J. Stewart, Developing a Low-Cost Systematic Approach to Increase an Existing Data Center's Energy Efficiency, Master's thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2010). [291 L. Barroso and U. Holzle, "The case for energy-proportional computing," Computer 40(12), 33- 37 (2007). [30] D. Boning, W. Li, et al., "Improving energy efficiency in a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment-office building," (2009). [31] D. Boning and H. Liu, "Improving energy efficiency in a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment: analysis of EUI and cooling load," (2009). [32] D. Boning, E. Zhang, et al., "Improving energy efficiency in a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment-production facility," (2009). [33] T. Gutowski, C. Murphy, D. Allen, D. Bauer, B. Bras, T. Piwonka, P. Sheng, J. Sutherland, D. Thurston, and E. Wolf, "WTEC Panel Report on Environmentally Benign Manufacturing," Technical rep. (2001). [34] T. Gutowski, J. Dahmus, and A. Thiriez, "Electrical energy requirements for manufacturing processes," in 13th CIRP In...
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