Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

42 figure 2 5 map locations of the 10 substations at

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Unformatted text preview: ns at the IADC. come to feed sub-buses, panels have come to feed sub-panels and transformers have been added at multiple points in the tree. The end result is a very complex system with multiple layers that is difficult to map on paper or electronically, let alone plan in advance. Relative loads among substations are not evenly distributed. Figure 2-7 shows the percentage breakdown of energy used by each substation over a typical week. However, because the equipment used in different substations varies dramatically, substations with larger average loads may not necessarily be inefficient compared to their peers[1]. Typical energy users on the shop floor are ovens, environmental testing chambers, processing equipment with motors including machine tools, computerized test equipment, and work bench tools. Figure 2-6: Simplified electricity distribution tree for the IADC. 3A 33 X2 303 3C 3D Figure 2-7: Distribution of energy used by the 10 substations in the IADC in a typical week[1]. Energy Efficiency Program at the IADC The content and appr...
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