Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

422 other data a variety of other data was compiled

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Unformatted text preview: a was compiled during the study period. Gathering of operational data was greatly facilitated through the use of Raytheon VBS. VBS aggregates and archives a wide variety of data, including Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) systems and material tracking systems in a structured relational database[1]. Through VBS, we were able to track any individual component 2 with some notable lucky exceptions in real time through the manufacturing process, as well as create dashboards to display real time data to operators. VBS will be discussed in further detail in Section 5.2. In addition, much of the analysis in this study relied upon interviews with dozens of SMEs in facilities, manufacturing, engineering and support. 4.3 Chapter Summary This chapter described the methodology of testing the hypothesis in terms of both the study design and data collection. The research consisted of two field experiments and one analytical study, both based on data collected at the IADC. One field experiment tested the approach of usi...
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