Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

533 management implications barriers to right sizing

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Unformatted text preview: search. 5.3.3 Management Implications Barriers to right-sizing The MTSA machine also provides a good case study for the barriers to right sizing equipment. At the time of the researcher's arrival at IADC, the current MTSA machine was due to be replaced with a brand new, custom designed version that was only half as large. However, this re-design and installation project, still not completed at the time of writing, had already taken over a year from the date of kickoff. Long cycle times for capital allocation projects and the long lifetimes of specialized process equipment such as the MTSA machine (measured in decades) naturally result in large buffers continuing to be built into equipment, in order to accommodate variability in future demand. At the same time, however, the long lifetimes of the equipment also argue for maximum flexibility at a minimal operating cost. Another barrier to right-sizing is the current procurement process at the plant. In a short analysis of capital equipment purchasing forms at the IADC, there is no clear indication that anticipated customer demand has been analyzed from the perspective of sizing the equipment appropriat...
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