Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

A more detailed table of measurements is included in

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Unformatted text preview: A more detailed table of measurements is included in Appendix B Improve The electricity intensive equipment required a different approach to improvement than the less intensive equipment. By their nature, high intensity equipment tended to be larger, more expensive, more specialized, and more process critical when compared to the equipment on the lower end of the spectrum. Therefore, any change to the operation of such equipment required high levels of confidence that the change would not damage the equipment or disrupt the delivery schedule of the product. To alleviate these concerns, each improvement project also utilized the DMAIC approach, where input from SMEs, measurements, and experiments were analyzed before operational changes were implemented. These projects are referred to as the Tier Two DMAIC processes from Figure 5-1. Section 5.1.5 provides two deep dives into two such projects, and Appendix C provides higher level details from additional DMAIC projects in CCA. Control Tier One control was accomplished by making the projects compatible with existing process management programs in the facility that required documentation....
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