Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

A simple analysis based on the linear model of energy

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Unformatted text preview: n of 9. A simple analysis based on the linear model of energy savings indicates that the energy of the MTSA process can be significantly reduced by right-sizing. For example, if it were possible to reduce the size of the equipment from a volume big enough to handle 270 cards to a volume right-sized for customer demand and operational flow (say 3 cards per day, five days a week), there would be a staggering 99% reduction in energy required to satisfy customer demand for this process. While this approach would probably require acquiring multiple smaller MTSA machines, or at least a more flexible design to handle the variety of circuit cards tested in the equipment, the payoff in terms of energy, estimated at around $51,200 annually, would be significant. Other examples of equipment that were consistently well over-sized in terms of volume for current demand at the facility (by 50% or more) were many of industrial ovens, including the vacuum ovens in the Oil Room. While anecdotal evidence from the facility indicates that management and operators are aware of and currently addressing this problem, for example by purchasing several smaller ovens to replace one large shared oven, the full extent for energy savings from applying this principle to equipment throughout the facility is well worthy of further focused re...
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