Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

As figure 2 5 shows these substations do not align

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Unformatted text preview: t align with departments or manufacturing value streams, rather, the substations align with geographic areas of the plant. While it is preferred to have substations align with organizational departments, especially from a reporting and accountability standpoint, it is often not realistic because equipment and departments relocate over time[1]. From these substations, the electricity is stepped down to various voltages (typically 480V, 220V and 120V) and then delivered to equipment via powerplugs attached to overhead busbars (referred to as simply buses), panels, or wall outlets in offices and on the shop floor. Figure 2-6 shows a simplified version of the distribution tree. As the distribution system has evolved over time in the facility, buses have 3 Massachusetts has the second highest electricity retail prices for industrial customers in the continental United States, next to Connecticut Other Facility Support 1% Figure 2-4: Electricity used by the IADC in 1995 by end function.[42] Figure 2-5: Map locations of the 10 substatio...
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