Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

As a result as described in section 51 they were able

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Unformatted text preview: described in Section 5.1, they were able to incorporate additional data on electricity usage, provided via the AEMC handheld meters, to perform PDCA cycles in the form of DMAIC processes to tackle more difficult issues. Indeed, one can easily imagination the next step to be installing real-time feedback meters in CCA on certain equipment to both help automate and accelerate the experimentation process on large electricity users, as well as supporting the "control" phase of DMAIC. In fact, this process had already begun, as previously noted, on the MTSA and vacuum system at the time of writing. An estimated impact to using the feedback to similarly fine tune operations in the Oil Room may be projected using data gathered in the field. It was observed that diligently shutting the ovens off overnight reduced overall energy usage of the ovens by 23%. However, if operators or managers then took the next logical step and examined their usage of the ovens during working hours, they would find ample opportunity to further reduce energy consumption. For ex...
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