Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

As a result gathering data on individual process

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Unformatted text preview: ult, gathering data on individual process equipment was, by and large, not supported by the sub-metering data collection system. At the time of arrival at the facility, use -usain1 -usato3 1 -usaio Machine A Machine B Machine C Bus3 Machine D Figure 4-1: The simplified electricity distribution tree for the IADC as shown in Figure 2-6 with shaded boxes indicating sub-meter locations. of the ION EEM system was limited. The facility Energy Champion would track electricity usage of the overall facility over time using the system, and email weekly reports to department-level Energy Champions that included key metrics such as cumulative percentage increase/decrease of electricity use versus the same date the previous year, and energy usage trends for each substation. While this approach provided some visibility into the overall trends of electricity use in the facility, the value of the information, especially to manufacturing employees, was limited due to the fact that there was no direct relationship between energy usage at the substation level and for individual departments and cells. In general, no...
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