Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

As noted in chapter 3 real time feedback is

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Unformatted text preview: waste. As noted in Chapter 3, real-time feedback is consistent with generally accepted continuous improvement principles, and may be a way to accelerate the DMAIC process (and more generally the PDCA cycle) that was tested in the first part of the hypothesis. This section will discuss the motivation for testing the effect of real-time feedback through a short literature review, describe a case study that included a field study that utilized real-time feedback conducted at Raytheon, and conclude with some remarks on the management implications of a real-time feedback approach. 5.2.1 Real-time feedback applied to an energy use reduction program Section 5.1 described the DMAIC business process, popular in six sigma literature, that accomplishes the PDCA cycle which is the hallmark of continuous improvement and kaizen. As previously noted, the PDCA cycle is often described as applying the scientific method as a business process [49]. Organizations that accelerate the process of learning from these cycles tend to perform better than organizations that do not[19...
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