Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

Based on sme interviews it was found that the lack of

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Unformatted text preview: erviews, it was found that the lack of understanding largely stemmed from the fact that there was no existing process in which to use the data to improve energy efficiency. Nevertheless, the lack of general institutional knowledge and data in this area was found to be a critical barrier to overcome during process improvement activities. Estimation from Equipment Documentation The easiest, cheapest, and least accurate way to determine how much energy a piece of equipment uses is to use the power supply label on the machine itself. In most cases, this label will include the maximum power draw of the equipment. In some cases, however, it will only include maximum current for different voltages the device supports. In that case, it is possible to estimate real power using the equation, Preali = VIP (4.1) for a single phase circuit, where Pre,, is real power, V is voltage, I is current, and p is the power factor. If I is measured in amps, then Prea is in units of watts. The power factor, p,...
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