Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

Based on historical data there was an observed

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Unformatted text preview: in equipment operation. Based on historical data, there was an observed average of 5.5 runs per week. Define Like the wave solder equipment, operators and SMEs determined there was potential Type Two overproduction muda for the MTSA. However, unlike the wave solder equipment, the equipment was automated and did not use any power when not in operation. Moreover, the runs were preprogrammed and could not be changed. However, it was hypothesized that the machine was being overused in the sense that it would be possible to achieve the required throughput to satisfy customer demand by using fewer runs and increasing batch sizes for each run. Measure In order to test the hypothesis, we gathered data on the electricity use of the equipment, as well as operational data from a variety of sources. Electricity use of the MTSA chamber was measured using the CM5000 circuit monitors installed in the CCA substation. While in general each CM5000 monitor collected power usage on dozens or hundreds of pieces of equipment in CCA, analysis of the power distribution system and electrical data during the Tier One DMAIC process revealed that the MTSA shared its circuit only with the CCA vacuum system and its power usage wa...
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