Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

By correlating the electricity data from the meters

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Unformatted text preview: sions. By correlating the electricity data from the meters and operational data from the MRP system, 2 Due to installation costs, we were unable to individually meter each individual oven. Instead, the data from ovens E and C were combined and data from ovens D and F were combined because those two ovens were on the same circuit. Ovens A and G were individually monitored we were able to gauge the amount of wasted electricity from oven operations in the Oil Room. Wasted electricity was defined simply as electricity used by empty ovens: in that sense, we were combining Type One and Type Two overproduction rnuda3 Other features of the dashboard included two "scorecards" to the right of the main plot. The daily and weekly scorecards presented data on how much total electricity has been used, and the amount of wasted energy in terms of percent of total usage, dollars and car equivalents for the day and week respectively 4 . Scorecards that focus on waste, rather than use, are recommended by previous researchers as more effective for behavior change, and putting energy waste in dollar terms is a general tenet of energy managem...
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