Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

Equipment type solder bath heat gun desk vacuum

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Unformatted text preview: given moment over the course of a shift. Equipment Type Solder bath Heat gun Desk vacuum Wirestripper Computer Monitor Hot tweezers Soldering iron Fluorescent light Laptop Ionizer Microscope Power Draw (Watts) 640 550 138 112 38 38 35 25 23 10 5 Table B.1: Energy used by typical workbench items found in CCA. The energy reported is the average power for when the equipment is actually being used by operators. Appendix C Additional CCA Case Studies Table C.1 briefly documents additional Tier Two DMAIC processes either completed or ongoing in CCA. Description Replace 1 big oven with 3 small ovens Five test station monitors shut down Oven removal Five ovens shut off nightly MTSA batching* Tighter vacuum system monitorin'g Wave solder shut down* Surface mount line upgrade Oven exhaust fan nightly shutoff Washer system re-programming Total Estimated Savings ($/yr) $168 $365 $2,280 $7,560 $15,520 $1,130 $3,560 $4,350 $7,400 $14,472 $56,833 Implementation Period Spring 2010 Spring 2010 Spring 2010 Spring 2010 Spring 2010 Summer 2010 Summer 201...
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