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Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

For both pieces of equipment the annual savings are

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Unformatted text preview: oximately $35. For both pieces of equipment, the annual savings are $3,560. In addition to the electricity costs, we evaluated the risks associated with restarting the equipment after a shut down. SMEs determined that, historically, there have not been any issues with restarting the equipment after the periodic shut downs that occur over the course of the year. Moreover, research revealed that allowing solder to solidify prevents "dross" from forming due to molten solder interacting chemically with oxygen in the air[47]. The prevention of dross is critical to maintaining solder quality and smooth equipment operation. Improve As a result of the analysis, the improvement was that the wave solder equipment was shut off by the operator at the end of first shift (if no second shift operations were scheduled on the equipment), and that a third shift operator was responsible for restarting the equipment at 2:30 AM, (about 3 hours and twenty minutes before the start of first shift). Control This improvement process, credited to operators on all three shifts as well as cell leader- ship, was documented and submitted to the cor...
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