Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

For purposes of this study details of the products

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Unformatted text preview: cts themselves (mainly circuit cards) are unimportant beyond the general requirement that they have extremely high quality standards which generally require each card to pass a battery of reliability tests in specialized equipment over the course of the manufacturing process. CCA is approximately 95,000 square feet, around 8% of the total IADC footprint. Included in the CCA footprint is about 67,000 square feet of manufacturing floor, with the remainder being offices for support staff. Overall energy use of CCA, including support (HVAC and lighting) and process electricity combined, account for approximately 12% of the total electricity use in the IADC, which makes it one of the top users of electricity in the facility. Two electrical substations, labeled 3A and 3B, feed CCA with three phase 480V and 220V and single phase 120V power, though both also feed other nearby functional areas. The CCA management structure includes operations personnel and engineering support personnel. Within CCA operations, there are approximately 1...
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