Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

Historical data collection and uses of energy data

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Unformatted text preview: cal data collection and uses of energy data The IADC has an extensive electricity metering system installed to support energy management and maintenance activities. The facility has over 200 Schneider Electric Circuit Monitors (often referred to as sub-meters) installed in the facility. These sub-meters continuously record power, energy and other electrical data at various locations in the facility. All this data is automatically uploaded to a SQL database operated by Schneider Electric. This data is then used by Schneider Electric's ION EEM web interface software in which authorized Raytheon employees, namely the facility Energy Champion and select electrical engineers and members of the EET, can remotely access the data to make historical charts of power and energy usage using any combination of sub meters. In general, sub meters are installed at the substation level and one level below in the distribution tree as depicted in Figure 4-1. While care had been taken to isolate electricity use of support systems such as HVAC and lighting functions for each substation to use in historical energy management projects, the rest of the other sub-meters each monitor a hodge-podge of manufacturing and office process equipment that is not separated by department, equipment type, functionality or even necessarily geographical location. As a res...
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