Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

However for purposes of this thesis we use the

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Unformatted text preview: se the blended rate of $0.135 per kWh for all cost calculations, which is the average retail price for industrial customers in Massachusetts in 2010[41]3. Most of the electricity used at the IADC is used on manufacturing processes. Figure 2-4 shows the results of an energy audit conducted at the IADC in 1995, the last known audit of its type to be completed at the facility. The auditors indicated that 54% of electricity use at the facility was used on processes, while 46% was used on support systems. This breakdown, fairly typical in the aerospace industry, is likely more heavily skewed to process electricity use currently now that many energy efficient support system technologies has been introduced since the time of the audit[11, 42]. The electricity distribution network in the IADC can be described as a tree structure. At the root of the tree, electricity is delivered to the IADC with a voltage of 15kV at two points and then distributed to ten substations geographically spread out in the facility. As Figure 2-5 shows, these substations do no...
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