Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

However there have been multiple experiments

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Unformatted text preview: ndustrial setting. However, there have been multiple experiments performed in the home, where residents are given real-time feedback on their household usage of electricity. The results of these experiments indicated that residents will reduce their energy usage by 5-15%, generally through voluntary behavior modification[8, 9]. 5.2.2 Case Study - Magnetics/Oil Room Experiment The hypothesis that real-time feedback of electricity usage will lead to reduced electricity waste was tested in a series of field studies involving operators in a cell referred to as the "oil room". This section is presented as a case study, and presents the setting, the methodology, the design and the results of the field studies. Some data and names have been modified to protect confidentiality. The Oil Room Cell Background The Oil Boom cell was selected for the field experiment because it was relatively easy to meter (only three additional meters would need to be purchased and installed), the cell is a fairly large energy user (average load was estimated to be 45 kW, the equivalent of the energy usage of approximately 25 homes), and the employees were int...
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