Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

If we assume a constant density of the mass being

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Unformatted text preview: If we assume a constant density of the mass being heated (or cooled), then there is an approximately linear relationship between energy and volume. While the specifies of equipment designs, materials used, and location of items in the equipment result in different levels of efficiency, the linear relationship is what really matters when trying to get a sense of potential savings. This model has been verified using a sample of oven vendor data (see Appendix E). A good example of a "monument" that is significantly over capacity for the observed production flow at Raytheon is the MTSA machine in CCA. This piece of equipment, decades old at the time of study, was designed to be able to test 270 circuit cards at the same time. In current conditions, however, looking at over six months of data, we observed batches of no more than 23 cards at a time, with average batch sizes around seven circuit cards (largely due to constraints explained in Section 5.1). Moreover, current customer demand only averaged about 13 cards a week, with a standard deviatio...
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