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Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

In addition some consulting firms with operations

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Unformatted text preview: year, begun to sell services, with titles such as "Green Sigma", related to increasing efficiency using lean/six sigma methods and real-time feedback, although these firms still focus primarily on support systems and datacenters[27, 28, 12, 29]. While at the time of writing it is still unclear how these high-level frameworks will ultimately work together in the United States, as both include certification processes for manufacturers, the trend to apply proven continuous improvement practices to process equipment is clear. Indeed, as Figure 2-2 shows, most of the energy by manufacturing industries in the United States overall is used on processes, and that is generally true across industries. There has been some very recent aca- Other Facility Support 33% Lighting HVAC 7% Figure 2-2: Proportion of energy used by U.S. manufacturing industries in 2006 by end function.[11] demic literature linking process management, specifically six sigma methods, to improving support systems in the biotechnology industry, where the primary energy expense is on heavy machinery located in central facilities[30, 31, 32]. In addition, some companies, notably Toyota and other Japanese companies,...
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