Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

In addition the cell is currently exploring

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Unformatted text preview: porate R6u program. In addition, the cell is currently exploring installing software or hardware timers on the equipment to make the process less subject to human error. MTSA The MTSA chamber is used as part of the environmental stress screening process for some CCA products. It is specifically designed to test the functionality of circuit cards over the course of changing temperature conditions according to pre-programmed profiles. A nominal temperature profile used by the Department of Defense for this type of test, though not the one actually used by the MTSA in CCA, is shown in Figure 5-5. Each circuit card in a batch is loaded into a slot CC Figure 5-5: An example thermal cycle similar to the one used by the MTSA[48]. correspond to segments of the profile that simulate specific product operating modes. The letters in the chamber, and is tested while the temperature in the chamber rises and falls according to the pre-programmed temperature profile over a number of cycles called a "run". Each run takes exactly the same amount of time, unless there is an error...
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