Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

In particular 60 of building fan systems are over

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Unformatted text preview: ment. In particular, 60% of building fan systems are over-sized, most chillers are oversized by 50-200%, and energy savings from right-sizing motors and using variable speed drives is estimated at 50-85%[4]. It has been estimated that 11% of the overall electricity usage of motors in industrial support systems can be reduced through right-sizing and updating[3]. While similar data is not available for process equipment, anecdotal evidence from the IADC indicate at least as much opportunity in this category. 5.3.2 Field observations and examples from the IADC During the study period, several examples of process heating and cooling equipment that could be right-sized were studied. It is relatively easy to predict the impact of reducing the size of process heating and cooling equipment, especially if the process itself does not change. Specifically, we see from the heat equation Q = mcAT (5.8) that there is a linear relationship between mass (n) and the energy (Q) required to heat (or cool) the mass....
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