Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

In this application we used 11 x 10 4 cars kwh51

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Unformatted text preview: unt of electricity. In this application, we used 1.1 x 10-4 cars kWh[51] Feedback Removal The final phase was characterized by removing the dashboard from continu- ous loop on the overhead monitor in the Oil Room. The dashboard was still available via operator and manager workstations. The hypothesis was that electricity waste would rise, but remain below the control period levels. Data collection on Phase IV lasted two weeks 5. Each phase began after the previous phase ended. No attempt was made to control for personnel, production volume, or product type. However, as previously stated, these factors are not considered too significant as the personnel was constant, production volumes were relatively stable during the time period under study and the product mix was fairly constant as well. Because time constraints prevented a more robust study design in terms of both sample size and control, the results drawn from this study should be viewed as indicative, rather than conclusive for the g...
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