Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

Measurements were gathered using the approach of

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Unformatted text preview: re gathered using the approach of Section 5.1.4. input from CCA operations senior leadership, as well as energy team leadership. Previous efforts, including those spurred by the pilot program in 2009, had focused on the more numerous, but less electricity intensive equipment on the right side of Figure 5-3[1]. Naturally, equipment that uses the most energy may not be the equipment with the biggest potential for reductions in use. However, at this point in the analysis, we decided to assume that the efficiency of all equipment can be improved by an approximately equal amount (in percentage terms). This assumption was reasonable because estimating the opportunity for improved efficiency for each category of equipment required a timeconsuming detailed consideration of operational data that was reserved for Tier Two analysis. $1.60000 $1,200.00 S.000 $400.00 Figure 5-3: Electricity intensity chart for individual equipment in CCA. "Work Bench" includes all items on a typical workbench in the area and "Office" includes all items in a typical area office....
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