Process Management Principles for Increasing the Energy Efficiency

Nevertheless this section will present the deployed

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Unformatted text preview: nd usage studies. Nevertheless, this section will present the deployed interface, which took the form of a VBS dashboard called "MAGS PWR STDS", and give some insight behind various design decisions. The general interface layout, style, and controls follow the standard dashboard user interface . ___ . ... ......... . ....... . . ... . ......................... . .. 0S *I by t HI. U. 5:WAt odays Screcd C$V ( ost 70-0 Wectnary Wasted(% WateC02 (CA E ,) Wa ST3. Figure 5-10: A typical example of feedback as might have been seen during the field experiment using the MAGS PWR STDS dashboard. Please note that dates, operator and item identifiers have been redacted for confidentiality. template for VBS, which helps learnability on behalf of operators. That being said, it was necessary to train the operators to use and understand the information on the dashboard, shown in Figure 5-10. The central features of the dashboard are the large plot in the middle and the table just below it. The plot displays real-time power usage of the ovens as a blue trend line, with green shading indicating that an item was in one of the ovens during that...
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